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Bitterblue Investments ("BBI") is a real estate private equity firm that serves as the captive finance company for Bitterblue, Inc., one of the most respected real estate development firms in the state of Texas.

For over fourty years, Bitterblue Inc. has developed some of San Antonios most iconic master planned communities. Throughout San Antonio, you will find a number of Bitterblue mixed-use projects including the Alamo Quarry market, Quarry Villas, Longhorn Quarry, Rogers Ranch, Shavano Business Park, Oakwell Farms and Inwood. Bitterblue has played an integral role in shaping San Antonio’s landscape and in protecting historically important landmarks.
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While many real estate private equity firms raise capital and then search for real estate development projects, Bitterblue Investments  was created to finance the significant pipeline of development opportunities for one of the most well-respected development firms in the state of Texas.

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